Lance Ouellette – Violin 1989, 1990 (Jr. Star)

Lance OuelletteLance Ouellette began his musical journey in his hometown- Saint John, NB.  From the age of 5, he studied the piano, voice, violin, and was regularly involved in choirs, orchestras, and chamber music with friends.  As a yearly participant in multiple categories of the NB Music Festival, Lance gained invaluable experience necessary for a career in music.

While studying violin at the University of Toronto, Lance was awarded the top prizes in both the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals and the Canadian Music Competition.  He has since appeared on stages across Canada and abroad as a soloist, chamber musician, and orchestral musician.

Lance is currently the Associate Concertmaster for the Kitchener Waterloo Symphony, Associate Concertmaster for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, and regularly performs with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.  Highlights include touring North America, Asia, Europe, and performing in Carnegie Hall.

Aside from a busy performing schedule, Lance is very involved as an educator.  Lance is currently teaching violin for the University of Waterloo and has collaborated with several universities in Southern Ontario.  He has enjoyed adjudicating across Canada for the Federation of Canadian Music Festivals and the Canadian Music Competition passing on his experience to many talented students.

In order to maintain a balanced lifestyle, Lance finds time to pursue other interests such as golf, table tennis, fishing, and traveling to warm places during the winter.


When I reflect on my busy career as a performer and teacher, I realize how my experiences in the NB Music Festival have served as its foundation.  The constant learning of repertoire, the friendships, the performance clothes, and love of playing music for others to enjoy at the festival has been an integral part of my life ever since.  I am very grateful to all the teachers and volunteers who have been patient in keeping me on a path of participation in the festival.  I remember days when my mother would drive me from a morning violin class, then a piano class before lunch, then over to a voice class, followed by a choir rehearsal and performance in the evening, I am ever grateful for her dedication since without it, none of my career would be possible.



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